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Welcome to Better Water!

There is so much more to water than what hits the taste buds.
We are your solution to drinking water problems in Southwest Virginia.
Well and Spring Water Problems are our specialty.

Clear Creek Water Works is locally owned and operated. We provide water testing services and we will customize a quality water treatment system that is specifically tailored to suit YOUR water conditions. We use WaterCare water treatment products to find a low maintenance solution that does not require harsh chemicals. We also service a wide variety of residential water treatment systems.

We can design a quality treatment solution for YOUR water conditions that is both affordable and reliable.

Call us today for your water testing, treatment, and purification needs.
(540) 381-0768

Please Note: Our Office Hours Vary
We spend much of our time in the field.

Please call ahead before stopping by to see us.

Do you suffer from; dry itchy skin, orange or black stains in your toilets, odors in your towels, rotten egg smells, blue-green stains in your bathtub, or does your water just taste bad?

Has your old water treatment system stopped working? Do you know if its still working? Bring us a water sample from BEFORE the equipment and one from AFTER the equipment and let us test it.

Call us today to and let us schedule an appointment to evaluate YOUR water treatment needs.

Clear Creek Water Works
1075 West Main St.
Christiansburg, VA 24068
(540) 381-0768