When do I need to change my filter?

When do I need to change my filter?


We generally recommend that you have your water filters changed every six months or, at a minimum, they need to be changed annually.

It is a good idea to connect the filter change process to some semi-annual or annual process such as spring cleaning, fall cleaning, batteries changed in your smoke detectors, etc.

If you have a sediment problem with your well, you will generally be “notified” of the need for a filter change when your water pressure drops significantly.

If your water develops a musty or stale taste or develops odors, then you may have a bacteria problem with your filter.

At that point, you will HAVE to change your filter. Carbon filters have been documented to release large amounts of particulate matter when they get overloaded.

Filters have also been known to grow bacteria and fungus on them over time and you could get sick from those unchanged filters.

The picture attached is of a filter that has gone WAY too long before changing. The brown water is from flushing silt from out of the filter basin during cleaning.

This filter was silted into the filter basin so badly that there was only 3 – 4 inches of space from the top of the filter basin to the silt around the outside of the filter and water pressure was severely diminished.

This one took nearly 20 min of flushing to remove enough of the silt just to pull the old filter out of the filter basin, clean it well, and install a new filter.

We do carry filters in our stock so that you can generally pick up the filters that you need.

However, if you have one of the more unusual filters due to high iron or extremely fine particulate matter, then you may want to call us ahead of time.