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CareClear Pro Series® Filters


WaterCare’s CareClear Pro Series® is an achievement in efficiency — designed to effectively treat a multitude of water problems, from both city and well sources.

These filters are manufactured to use water efficiently, conserving your water supply and preserving your well and its components. CareClear Pro filters can provide the quality water you want without all the unwanted minerals, odors, tastes or acidity.

  • Acid neutralizers — ideal for treating acidic water that can corrode entire plumbing systems
  • Carbon filters — eliminates chlorine taste and smell common with municipal water
  • Particulate filters  — effectively removes particles that can enter into household water
  • Advanced microprocessing  — smart diagnostics and flexible programming to save water and ensure top performance
  • Simple to run, efficient to operate

Acid Neutralizing Filter

Acidic water can be harmfully corrosive to your entire plumbing system. This condition can often be treated with a single acid neutralizing filter. The units monitor and self-adjust their regeneration cycles based on your household’s trend of water consumption.

Taste and Odor Filter

Chlorine and slight sulfur odors can often be removed by a carbon filter unit. However, when sulfur odors are extreme, a chlorination system may be recommended to help increase the life of a carbon unit. In such installations, this series of filters will effectively remove taste and odor associated with chlorine and sulfur.

Particulate Filter

Filter Z is a high quality, granular zeolite media which is produced from a natural mineral that has a high surface area and porosity, making it preferred over conventional sand for the removal of particulates. The surface of this media features microscopic minerals that allow particulate matter to penetrate deeply into the bed.

ion-proIon Pro® Air Sulfur and Air Iron Filters

WaterCare’s Ion Pro FE (Iron) and Ion Pro HS (Sulfur) filters are engineered with the latest in “green technology.” No chemicals, no salt… just ordinary air and an innovative design that effectively removes iron and sulfur.

Advanced microprocessor controls are programmed to address specific water conditions. These “smart” systems continually monitor water usage and adjust to your household water consumption, ensuring a continuous supply of clean, iron and sulfur free water. It’s simply the perfect, environmentally friendly way to remove nuisance “ions,” the Ion Pro Series.

  • Field-proven design — eliminates the stains and smells caused by iron and sulfur
  • Economical to own — requires less water than alternative filter systems
  • Low pressure drop — maintains consistent water flow throughout household
Environmentally friendly — no chemicals or salt needed, just air!