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Crystal-Right™ Media

A silica crystal media engineered for superior softening, neutralizing and filtering

Crystal-Right™ silica crystals are a natural choice for today’s water treatment systems. No other media does so much to condition problem water in a single pass.

Often called "zeolite" crystals, this media comes from a sodium aluminosilicate formula that is produced and processed by Mineral-Right Inc. using an exclusive technology. Through its unique crystalline structure, Crystal-Right™ provides superior removal of hardness, iron and manganese, while at the same time, raising pH levels of acidic water.

Unlike round, resin beads, Crystal-Right™ crystals provide better filtration, yet are thoroughly cleaned by backwashing faster than ordinary resins without loss of media. The irregular surface of zeolite crystals provides a far greater capacity for ion exchange than possible with smooth, round resin beads. In addition, Crystal-Right™ is impervious to chlorine – thus, it is an ideal media for use with our self-chlorinating, automated sanitizing systems, the Sanitizer Plus Series®.

Two Types of Crystal-Right™ Media
Water-Right uses two types of Crystal-Right™ media, each with slightly different softening characteristics.

CR-100 — A zeolite that provides reduction of hardness, iron, and manganese. In addition, CR-100 raises the pH value of acidic waters that tend to be more corrosive than neutral or higher pH waters. Possesses excellent filtering characteristics. CR-200 — A zeolite that provides a greater reduction of hardness than CR-100 and also removes iron and manganese. Also possesses excellent filtering characteristics.