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How They Work

WaterCare’s R.O. Systems utilize a patented manifold plate that directs the flow of water through each of the filtration steps.

The exclusive manifold system directs the water through a sediment carbon pre-filter (1), which ensures chlorine-free and particle-free water in the first step of the filtration process. The water is then directed through the membrane (2), which is the heart of the system. The membrane acts as a filter to trap and isolate contaminants to produce water with substantially reduced dissolved solids invisible to the naked eye. From the membrane, the water is channeled through the carbon post filter (3) which removes and absorbs contaminants that “can slip by” the membrane, acting as a secondary filtration process. The water is then stored in the pressure tank for on-demand use. This highly pure water, however, can pick up tastes and odors from any holding tank. Therefore, the water is run through one last carbon filtration process (4) when drawn to the tap, to assure you of the highest quality water possible.

This unique manifold design enhances the system by eliminating the need for individual connections between filtration stages. The external in/out, quick-connect fittings install easily by simply attaching and locking flexible tubing in