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Impression Plus Series® Softeners

Water quality can vary from region to region … even house to house within the same neighborhood. That’s why Water-Right manufacturers a complete line of water softening systems. Each one is engineered for optimum performance in treating different water conditions.

Whether you have hard municipal water or extremely hard well water, Impression Series® water softeners deliver the clear, soft water you want and need. Its easy-to-read LED screen and user-friendly console allows you to monitor all operating functions. The meter monitors and self-adjusts the regeneration cycles based upon your household trend of water consumption – enhancing the conservation of salt and water. The control valve has advanced history and diagnostic screens.


It’s the Meter …
Water usage is electronically monitored and the system automatically regenerated based on actual water consumption. The controller can anticipate higher water usage based on previous trends and regenerate the system in advance, as needed, to ensure the availability of quality water. Likewise, when water usage is low, the system regenerates less often, saving on salt and water.

It’s the Electronics …
The microprocessor captures all water softener operations, including gallons per day, total gallons, peak flow rates, and total regenerations. Time is also held in memory and protected by a built-in battery backup.

It’s the Control Valve …
A rugged, Noryl™ control valve handles high flow rates without dropping household water pressures — like when showers, toilets and faucets are all in use at the same time.

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 Impression Plus Series® RC Conditioners

impressionRCAdvanced technology blended with operating simplicity.

A special “mid-plate design” allows the use of two medias in one tank to remove chlorine and hardness. The activated carbon removes chlorine and other unwanted tastes while the high capacity resin is used for the maximum in softening capabilities. This combination extends the life of the softener resin in chlorinated, municipal water. Chloramines can also be removed with the usage of an optional, catalytic carbon.

With these combined components – media, meter, electronics, and the Water-Right company itself – no other water treatment solution can compare in features or performance. Protect your home and your family with the best.

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It’s true. . . . nothing will last longer than your first Impression.


For 24/7 conditioned water availability and maximum capacity, twin systems are available. Inquire for more information.