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The Sanitizer Plus Series®


The newest technology in self-sanitizing water conditioning systems — with a patented solid-state control valve — unlike any other system.

The Sanitizer Plus Series® units are the only water treatment systems that effectively soften water, remove iron and manganese, and correct low pH all in a single pass … plus, disinfecting the media bed with every regeneration. There are no equipment add-ons. No chemical pumps. The patented control and unique crystalline media make all the difference.

The Patented Control
The Sanitizer Plus Series’® patented control produces free chlorine from system brine – thanks to an innovative chlorine generator. With each regeneration, free chlorine sanitizes the media bed where iron and sulfur bacteria can grow. Flexible “adjustable cycle sequence” programming conserves salt and water. A low-salt alarm helps ensure homeowners the system is always ready.

The Unique Media
The Sanitizer Series uses a one-of-a-kind crystalline media (Crystal-Right™) that is not only impervious to chlorine, it provides superior ion exchange and filtering. Two different grades of Crystal-Right™ media are used today to provide two Sanitizer Plus models, each with slightly different treatment capabilities.

Sanitizer Plus ASP1 and Sanitizer ASP2 series
This single system will effectively:
• remove hardness
• remove iron
• remove manganese
• remove slight sulfur odors
• raise low pH levels
Plus: kills iron and sulfur bacteria with every regeneration.
Media: Crystal-Right CR-100

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The Sanitizer Plus Series® is unmatched in removing hardness, iron and manganese while raising low pH levels – all in a single unit.

For 24/7 conditioned water availability and maximum capacity, twin systems are available. Inquire for more information.