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The TotalCare Series®

TotalCare-full-hrWaterCare’s TotalCare Series® is truly total care for your home’s water system. Designed for problem water, this series packs a multitude of features into just one unit.

An exclusive zeolite crystal media acts to remove hardness, iron and manganese while reducing unwanted odors. It also raises low pH levels that can be corrosive to plumbing fixtures and piping. A patented, chlorine generator gets rid of nuisance iron and sulfur bacteria in the system which can create foul odors and clog pipes.

  • Patented self-chlorinating technology — removes iron and sulfur bacteria during regeneration
  • Unique media — eliminates unpleasant staining and odors
  • Advanced microprocessing — smart diagnostics and “low salt” warning ensure top performance
  • Efficient operation — provides the benefits of both a softener and filter with just one unit
  • Proven savings — reduces operating and maintenance cost of all household water-using appliances

chlorine-generatorThe TotalCare Series  uses a patented chlorine generator technology which produces chlorine to kill and remove unwanted iron and sulfur bacteria — the same nuisance bacteria that produces foul smells and the “slime coating” inside plumbing fixtures and toilet tanks.