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Water-Right / WaterCare Water Treatment Products

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For nearly 20 years, Clear Creek Water Works has installed and serviced Water-Right water treatment products. In 2010, Water-Right purchased a family owned company called WaterCare based out of Manitowoc, WI that has a strong history in providing water treatment equipment for residential and commercial applications. From the advent of automatic water softeners to the coming of age in the digital era of controls, WaterCare has been at the forefront of the water treatment industry. With products ranging from small in-line filters to large commercial units, WaterCare is prepared to meet the demands of today’s marketplace. Over time, Water-Right has integrated their products and processes into the WaterCare brand and created an impressive presentation of products to fulfill a wide array of water treatment needs.

In the summer of 2013, we were offered the opportunity to join the Professional Level Dealer Network with WaterCare, effectively changing our main product brand from Water-Right to WaterCare. With our many years of believing in and selling the Water-Right brand, this was a tough decision to make, but we feel that our customers are better served with the products that WaterCare has to offer.

Water-Right’s purchase of WaterCare in 2010 and the resulting expanded product lines for WaterCare actually give our customers the best of both worlds. We will still be able to service Water-Right equipment as needed, but we will be able to provide more options for our customers in the purchase of new equipment – residential and commercial. And we will still have the same awesome Water-Right technical service.

Yes, we will still service the following units:

  • Sanitizer & Sanitizer Plus water treatment systems
  • Impression & Impression Plus softeners
  • Impression & Impression Plus filters
  • Eclipse & Impression RO Units
  • . . . . and many of the older Water-Right units.

If we have serviced your equipment in the past, we will continue to service your equipment.

If you are a new customer and you have an old Water-Right water treatment system that needs some service, give us a call to schedule an appointment.

We can do it.

If you are wondering if we can/will service your <unknown brand> equipment, give us the brand and the model number (if available) and we will let you know. Many times we cannot get parts easily, but sometimes we can.

Call / Email us for a Service Call!